Late Smt. Usha Gupta
(17th Feb. 1941 to 9th Jan. 2008)
From the Desk of Principal
Lata Gupta
         Education is not only the key to human development but also to strengthen over-all personality development and self-dependence. The life of a child is just like melting iron which we can mould the way we want. The work of moulding is performed by the school. This is the best time to develop human values and strengthen the character building process. It is prime duty of a school to give a duty bound, responsible citizen to the society. In the recent past a great erosion of Indian values has been noticed in the society which has damaged our estimable cultural heritage to a great extent. The situation has posed many challenges to the education system of our country.

In view of the above, our respected patron Sh. B. L. Gupta who devoted his whole career in the field of education felt the need of an institution which can mould our little buds into a responsible, well cultured, disciplined youths and the idea of starting St. Vivekanand Public School got the ground.

The main objective of establishing this school has been to widen up the next generation society oriented instead of self oriented. We need to teach the children to be sensitive to others suffering, tolerant and to have a sense of humour. We can’t reduce the education to narrow it down upon the single issue of earning money. At SVPS Chirawa the entire staff is geared to achieve this goal.

We are proud to state that we are going to enter in the tenth year of its inception and also pleased that the school has succeeded in its aim to a great extent. At present it is imparting education to more than 750 students belonging to every section of the society.

We live in an era of great change. We have to apply modern techniques conversant with the modern times to get best out of the children. In the current year we have installed projectors to teach the subjects with the help internet and animated CDs so the students are more prone to understand the subject matter. The classes are really turned into smart classes.

The parents have to be partners in this change. There is no getting away from this responsibility. Just because a child is away from home in a school, does not mean that the parent has absolved all his responsibility of educating the child. The parent-school relationship is very important in preparing the child into responsible citizen. It is a collective effort. So, let us come together in preparing the next generation such they could contribute in making the world a better place to live in.


St. Vivekanand Public School, Chirawa was started at the initiative and inspiration of Sh. Bankey Lal Ji Gupta on 20th June, 2002, has been catering to the academic needs of little kids of the surrounding area in a very practical, useful and novel way with a psychological tinge, for which its management and staff deserve hearty congratulations and compliments.
I am confident that this English medium School will attain better and brighter heights in the years to come by providing better education through English Medium to the present and future generations of boys and girls.

I wish the institution all-round success marked with a brighter future

Prof. C.B. Agnihotri
Ex. Principal & Educationist
Ex. Member, Faculty of Arts,
University of Rajasthan