bloom into adult and become responsible and productive citizen. But these virtues can not appear all of a sudden in the child. We have to nurture him high character values right from the childhood through out his life.
The children are need to be mentally prepared to live life with truth, love and the spirit of co-existence. We should generate the feeling of equality among them. The heart of the child should be big enough to accommodate the world in it to follow the Indian philosophy of “Vasudhaiv Kutumbkam” . Humanitarian values need to be instilled in his heart Lack of these values would certainly lead to castism, racism and create conflict between the nations and various sections of the society.
Today we can visualize such type of conflicts between different nations and communities of the world. The root of the cause is the lack of the feeling of co-existence. In such situation the nations which are rooted with their rich cultural heritage should set an example to live with the spirit of co-existence and avoid the fractional mentality. This is the prime duty of each community for the welfare of the world. But it is not that much easy as it looks. This can only be done by the people of the nation who value their ancestors and love their country most and put their interest aside to place nation’s interest first. A unique, prosperous and well settled nation is made and protected by these type of people only.
Our efforts should be in the direction to regain the lost position of “Vishwa Guru” for India. To make this happen it becomes our duty to prepare our fellow citizen with full of patriotism and high moral character. So, it is generally asked to the young generation that they have to shoulder the responsibility to make the future of the nation. They are the pillars of the future of the nation. But if these pillars remain weak, how can the future of the nation be bright. It will only be destined to ruin.
Today, everybody talks about the erosion of character among people but nobody cares to build up high character values. The character building process goes downward in the society. The eminent, elite and the persons who lead the society should set the example by practicing high morals so that the general public get the inspiration. But in today’s scenario it seems that these people are not even ready to bother about making high character.
That is why, it becomes more important to prepare the children instilled with high character values and humanity right from the beginning. St. Vivekanand Public School, Chirawa is contributing and determined to contribute in future its entire efforts in the process of nation building.
We are grateful to the guardians, teachers and well-wishers for their valued support in our pious motive and have strong belief that it will continue in the times to come.